Ohňostroje - Prices

Professional tailor-made fireworks

  • Small – from 1200 Euros sophisticated computer-programmed show – precise synchronization with music of your choice
  • Medium – from 3000 Euros complex fireworks for larger outdoor space, i.e. town square – firing from multiple bases, sequential effects, music synchronization + complete service
  • Large – from 5500 Euros grand firefworks using the largest scale calibers IV. classification + complete service

STAGE PYRO – indoor, concerts, pyroshow special effects, lasershow

  • fountains, pillars of flames (various colors) eruptions of smoke and many other effects as per your request
  • CO2 huge cold steam pillars – height of 5-8 meters: 75 Euros/pc
  • gas flame towers – height of 6 meters: 100 Euros/pc
  • spillars of flames – height of 2-4 meters:50 Euros/pc
  • fountains – height of 1-8 meters prices start at: 10 Euros/pc
  • other effects as per your wishes
  • all of the above is done witth professional pyrotechnic equipment thus our assistance and presence is required

These prices are approximate estimates. It always depends on the nature and exact specs of the event. Please do not hesitate to contact us.