Ohňostroje - Pyro concerts

Because our pyro-team has been actively part of the Czech music scene for many years, we obviously have closest to the music pyroshows. As active musicians we know exactly what and how to do on stage, so the show has the desired effect for audience and is also comfortable and safe for musicians on stage. Thanks to the consistency of rhythm and timing of our effects we add visual show to the concert and emphasize the experience for your audience.

We offer: fiery fountains, pillars of flames (various colours), explosions, smoke, CO2 and many more effects according to your wishes. Details in category prices.

Due to the nature of musical performances and cumulative number of people in one place, security is very important for us. We realize that any form of amateurism is totally out of place here. Therefore, we not only try to meet the production requirements but also point out potential security risks. The most important is to have a safe show.

The Carburetors - Tour 2015
Sabaton - 7.2.2015 Prague Pyrotechnics
The Carburetors - Fest Pod Parou 2014