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Design and preparation of fireworks



You might have probably seen the preparation of fireworks. From the perspective of a non professional it looks like “some explosives from which are leading tangles of wires that are somehow connected somewhere where someone else fires them”. The reality might surprise you. Today’s modern fireworks are fired via clever control transmitters which look like mixers you know from musical concerts. Instead of lots of cabling you will find wireless systems with little antenna receivers.

For example, the device that you see in the photo bellow is a professional sequential firing system that can detonate remotely up to 1200 channels. This means that we can fire a huge amount of fireworks that are carefully put together in a special order.

Similarly, we can use modern technology not only for fireworks but also for example, where it is necessary to connect pyro-effect and storyline. Typically in concert performances, where you need to “hit” to the music. Or in productions where it is necessary to have the perfect timing, such as videomapping and similar intensive productions/ advertisements.

Our pyro-effects are based not only on the quality pyrotechnics of hazard class 3 and 4 (non-marketable explosives), but also on other effects, such as flame projectors (flame heights up to 6 meters), fire-falls, fountains, laser strobe lights, smoke effects, and pillars of smoke.

We would argue that any special wish you might have in mind (from the filed of fire, explosion, smoke, fireworks etc.), we will make it happen. And maybe we add/suggest something extra on top of it.

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